Terms and Conditions

General conditions

By making a reservation on the website brasov-aeroport.ro it is under agreement to accept all booking terms and conditions and procedures. The brasov-aeroport.ro site reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, the change taking effect within 24 hours.

Reservations to the website brasov-aeroport.ro, based on the existing form do not confirm the validation of the trip but only place a transfer order. The order is considered to be firm when, on the part of the website, either on the email address left to the contact or on the phone number filled in on the form, you will receive a confirmation through a registration number of a travel voucher. Failure to pre-arrange the travel voucher or registration number may result in the company's refusal to make the transfer. If within 12 hours of submitting the correctly completed booking form you will not receive a reply, you have the responsibility to contact us by phone at the number displayed on the website. If the information completed on the site is not correct or complete, we reserve the right to refuse the reservation request and implicitly the transfer. At the time of sending the completed booking form there is the possibility of no more seats available at that transfer and implicitly the transfer request is refused. If, at the time of filling in the booking form, the travel time (adult, child or pensioner) is not specifically specified, the transfer for the category "adult" will be paid upon boarding according to the rate mentioned on the website. If the customer travels with more than 1 hand luggage and 1 hold baggage, we reserve the right to charge the transfer additionally, depending on the number and volume of the baggage.


The presence at any of the boarding stations mentioned on the site will be at least 15 minutes before the time mentioned on both the website and the travel voucher. If the presence at boarding is made less than 15 minutes from the time mentioned on both the website and the voucher, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation, and in case of payment of it previously, will not benefit from the full or bet return of the transfer fee. The schedule mentioned on the website is indicative and can be modified, this being announced at least 30 minutes before departure. Payment can be made either in the company account or upon boarding. At the time of payment on boarding, you will receive a tax voucher related to the transfer consideration. If you want the tax invoice, it is mandatory to send the billing data at least 12 hours before the trip, to the e-mail address present on the site, otherwise you will receive only tax voucher. The estimated travel time on the Brasov-Otopeni route is 3 hours, but this is not the mandatory assumed duration. If the schedule displayed on the site or the duration of the trip cannot be respected due to the congestion produced on the route, traffic jams, an accident due to which traffic is blocked/crowded, natural disasters, we do not assume responsibility in case of loss of the plane and everything that follows after the flight by plane (cruises, charters, etc.). If the car breaks down on the route and passengers miss the plane strictly for this reason, we assume compensation for the plane ticket, not what follows after the flight (cruises, charters, etc.) within 6 months of the loss of the plane. Food, alcoholic or carbonated beverages are prohibited during the trip. It is forbidden to dirty or damage the car or obstruct the driver in the performance of his tasks in good conditions.


Luggage accepted in price for each traveller is 1 hold luggage of 23 KG and one hand luggage. If a traveller holds more than one bag, exceeding the weight and volume mentioned above, we reserve the right to charge the additional transfer. Failure to specify the number of luggage, weight and volume at the time of booking may result in cancellation of the reservation. A luggage that may endanger the safety of other travelers is strictly prohibited. In case of loss or theft of luggage the company responds to the limit of the insurance it holds.


Payment can be made at boarding or at the working point located on Lamaitei street, no. 28, Ap. 2, Ghimbav, Brasov within the time frame mentioned on the www.brasov-aeroport.ro website. Payment can also be made in the bank account of the company mentioned on the travel voucher/bill.


Cancellation of a valid reservation is made at least 48 hours before the trip. In the event of a cancellation less than 48 hours before the trip, the transfer consideration will not be refunded in part or in full. Cancellation can be made in writing at the e-mail address office@kron-rent.ro or by telephone at 0743 999 996. The transfer fee may be refunded in the event of a cancellation less than 48 hours before the trip in case of emergency, if the company agrees.

Refuse reservation

If the customer who requested a reservation and it has been validated, but the customer has not honored with this or has not paid the consideration of the transfer, the company reserves the right to refuse the customer or to request payment of an additional fee. The company reserves the right to select its customers.